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"Curiosity, Motivation, Synergy!"

We believe that learning begins with curiosity, it is sustained by motivation, and propelled by synergy. Learning should also be meaningful and gratifying. Our job as teachers in this digital age is to guide students through the learning process, i.e. to help them develop solid study skills, think critically, and find and discern reliable information. We specialize in liberal arts and offer tutoring in the following: English, ESL, Spanish, Chinese, SAT/ACT verbal, TOEFL, study skills, homework, school projects, and more.

Highly Qualified Educators

The founder and president of the Blair Tutorial Agency, Diane-Blair Goodpasture, holds a B.A. in Spanish, an M.Ed. in TESOL and an M.A. in English.  She is also licensed to teach English, ESL, Spanish, geography, history, government, speech, sociology, psychology, and health science. She is currently studying at the Nashville Chinese School as she plans to pursue teacher licensure in Chinese. She is also in the process of completing 18 graduate hours of Spanish in order to be qualified to teach it at the junior college level. She is a world traveler who has taught English in China and Venezuela. She is also artistic and holds a red belt in tae kwon do

Residential or Online Tutoring

We are  located in the West End Park/Vanderbilt area of Nashville and offer tutoring both in residence and online. Tutoring can also be arranged at a third site, such as a library or bookstore. We offer reasonable rates. Our Skype address is: BlairSchoolofEnglish. We can also be reached at BlairSchoolofEnglish@gmail.com

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